WSA Associate Dealer program

WingSport has cooperative relationships with several aircraft distributors allowing access to several new and vintage LSA aircraft, aviation supplies, equipment and services.  As a WSA Associate Dealer you can earn commissions on the complete line of products marketed and sold by WingSportDetails here.


Dealers are encouraged to communicate  via our online bulletin board system (BBS)  here:

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WingSport Aviation Co:

WSA World HQ

Charlotte, NC 28216
Phone: 704-257-4717

Fax: 630-839-5094

Text Box: Dealer Programs through WingSport Aviation Co

Are you a Certified Flight Instructor?  Actively involved in aviation ??

Want to make money marketing Light Sport Aircraft but no interest in stepping up to the large investment most manufacturers or distributors require?  The WSA Associate Dealer program may be good win-win for both of us!