Text Box: Leaseback Program

You can utilize leaseback to provide revenue that will cover some or all the cost of aircraft ownership.  Many high utilization leaseback arrangements will not only cover your cost of ownership, but can provide you cash earnings.  See the example spreadsheet below.

Sell your unused time!

· Joy of ownership without all of the cost

· You establish the level of involvement

· Ensures high level of maintenance

· Potential for positive revenue from your aircraft

· Potential tax benefits for small business owners


Leasebacks have been used for many years to provide a means to obtain the aircraft you desire and provide a convenient means to earn  revenue  from your investment.  Earnings can offset some and in some cases  much of an aircrafts monthly payment. 

If you want to configure and own a Light Sport Aircraft to your specifications and are willing to share it with others, check into our finance and  leaseback program.

WingSport  will act as your rental agent to place your aircraft in a qualified flight school or in the WingSport  Aero Partnership program, providing you with the potential of offsetting your cost of ownership.  See the link on the right for a downloadable projection of expenses and revenue.

Cut the cost of aircraft ownership!!

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WingSport Aviation Company has aircraft financing relationships providing 10 to 20 percent down loans for Light Sport Aircraft with competitive interest rates and up to 20 year payment terms.