I am interested in a WSA Aero Partnership and want more information

 I am interested in leasing back my aircraft to WingSport and want more information

Text Box: WingSport Aero Partnerships

An Aero Partnership with Light Sport Aircraft provides a great way to fly economically but still have great flexibility. It also offers a great opportunity for aircraft owners to put their aircraft to work reducing the cost of ownership.

Program Overview

 More configuration options to fly

 Ability to X-country and RON (remain over night)

 WSA Aero Partnerships allows owners to take expense deductions and share in reducing cost of ownership

An Aero Partnership is 3, 4 or 5 partners (LLC or LLP) sharing ownership of an aircraft. Club members may or may not be aircraft owners. In lieu of the upfront investment an owner must make in an aircraft, an Aero Club member pays monthly dues and a per hour rate for flying and other services.

See the links below for sign up forms to show interest in a partnership or to leaseback an aircraft to WingSport for the WSA flight school or rental program.

Aero Club means economical flying!!!

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