Associate Dealer Program

All contacts with potential aircraft sales customers should be recorded in this database by any dealer/agent.  If a contact result in an aircraft sale within four months after being recorded here, the dealer/agent will receive credit for the sale in the manner agreed between dealer/agent and WingSport Aviation Company.  If the prospect had been previously recorded by another dealer/agent or by WingSport corporate the first recorded event will get credit.

The link below will present a database entry screen that will ask for your name and email address as well as the prospects name and other data necessary to fully identify the prospect.  You will not know if the prospect already resides in the database when you complete the form.  This is because there are different spellings of names and people do not always give the same phone number, email or other positive identity data.  All records are date and time stamped and manual resolution of first entry will take place.

Sales Prospect Contact Registration

Enroll with WSA as a Associate Dealer and you will be paid a commission on any aircraft sales for which you provided leads and are associated with.  We will assist you in registering with the FAA as a aircraft dealer that when combined with your LLC or corporate mission statement will allow you to have a legitimate business operation.  Up to $1,000 or 1% of the aircraft purchase price can be earned in this manner.  Commissions will be paid to Associate Dealers when WingSport receives payment.  You do not have to purchase an aircraft or be a CFI to qualify for the WingSport Associate Dealer Program, but only need to be active in aviation circles and actively promote WingSport products and services.  If you elect to purchase a Demo aircraft,  sales taxes are deferred or exempt in most states and you will receive a discount on your aircraft.