Text Box: Price: $119,000—$130,000

Item Number: 005

The Mermaid is another all-metal LSA from CZAW.  It is the first all metal amphibian LSA  to gain the S-LSA certification and the first new amphibian to be manufactured in many years.  The W has a waiting list of over 200 eager customers and the backlog keeps growing.  Reservations available with a fully refundable $100 deposit.  While the Mermaid is not yet being marketed by a dealer network, WingSports relationship with the importer is solid and we have one on reservation ourselves.


Price: $45,000—$75,000

Item Number: 007

The Escapade is currently only available as an E-LSA.  Options are many for the kit or select the complete (99.%) dealer build.  It features a high wing side-by-side seating and the ability to change between tri-cycle gear and conventional gear. The strong 4130 Chromoly construction makes this a great trainer and rough field airplane. Currently factory and Dealer backlogs require 90-120 days for delivery.

Just AirCraft—Escapade (E-LSA)

Price: $55,000—$95,000

Item Number: 006

The Highlander is an E-LSA or 100% factory build S-LSA.  Many options are available including a 99% E-LSA dealer build.  The larger Highlander features high wing side-by-side seating greater wing span and tundra tire conventional gear. The strong 4130 Chromoly construction and design makes this a true bush plane. Currently factory and Dealer backlogs require 90-120 days for delivery.

Just AirCraft—Highlander (E-LSA & S-LSA)

The aircraft below are LSA’s that WingSport may offer in the future so stay tuned.

Price: $89,000—$108,000

Item Number: 003

The SportCruiser won’t break the budget; and with its American-designed, all-metal traditional construction and US-sourced materials and airframe components, keeping it flying (and insured!) will be trouble-free. All three CAW aircraft are designed to be easy to fly, with touchdown speeds in the low 30-knot range.

CZAW—SportCruiser (S-LSA)

Price: $85,000—$109,000

Item Number: 001

The Festival is ideal for flight schools. The aircraft is conventional in everyway. Maintenance personnel will be comfortable with the aircraft's construction and systems. "AN and MS" standard hardware is used throughout the airplane. All items subject to wear and tear such as tires, tubes, brakes and brake pads, and wheel bearings are standard items sourced from U.S. suppliers. Service items such as fuel filters, oil filters, and spark plugs are readily available from U.S. suppliers. All instruments and avionics are also U.S. sourced. Custom paint schemes and avionics packages are available. 

Aerostar—Festival R40S (S-LSA)

Price: $25,000—$35,000

Item Number: 008

The Ercoupe (pronounced Aircoupe) was new when I was a baby, but is an example of older generation aircraft that will meet the light sport category specifications.  The ingenious design of the Ercoupe eliminated the need for rudder pedals and flaps although the original certification allowed rudder pedals to be installed if desired.  Most were built without but ours has them for obvious training reasons.  This is the only tri-cycle gear vintage aircraft that meets the LSA standard of 1320 lbs gross wt or less.  The Ercoupe is a good LSA value even if they are over 50 years old.   On the down side, most 415-C/CD models have a small useful load and not all Americans can fly dual (legally ) in the airplane.

Ercoupe  415-C / CD (Std Certificated)

The aircraft below are vintage standard certificated aircraft that qualify for LSA that WingSport is considering handling for sport pilot training and re-sale.

Price: $20,000—$39,000

Item Number: 009

Aeronca Chief is an airplane with side-by-side seating which is excellent for flight  instruction and normally uses the Continental 65hp engine although they can be found with 75, 85, 90 and 100hp Continentals.  The 65’s usually do not have any electrical accessories and require hand-propping.  

Aeronca 11AC Chief (Std Certificated)

Price: $25,000—$45,000

Item Number: 010

Champs and military versions the L-16, are tandem seating like the Piper Cub and may fly a few mph faster than the Chief.  Aeronca’s of this era are super simple aircraft and are very fun to fly.  Champs are usually found powered by the same array of Continentals found on the Chief with the later models being fully electric.

Aeronca 7AC Champ  (Std Certificated)

Price: $25,000—$55,000

Item Number: 011

No aircraft is more nostalgic than the “Piper Cub”.  The J-3 version is the most recognized airplane in the world.  Tandem seating, no electric and airy the Cub mantra is “low and slow” but nothing beats the experience.  The popularity of the Cub in recent years has pushed the price up for a nicely restored one.

Piper J-3 Cub (Std Certificated)

Price: $109,000—$129,000

Item Number: 002

Text Box: Updated 04/22/2006: 
Not all Light Sport aircraft on this page are directly marketed by  WingSport .  Products directly  supported are indicated by our blue wings.  Other aircraft shown are being evaluated for use in the flight school or for resale.  Send an email and tell Willy which of these you like.

The StingSport is an all carbon fiber composite with great flight characteristics, incredible looks and comfort.  It comes fully loaded with nearly every option you could want on a LS aircraft including the ability to remove the wings in for transport and storage.  WingSport is your authorized dealer for North and South Carolina. Currently factory backlogs require 150-180 days for delivery.

TL-Sportplane—StingSport (S-LSA)

Item Number: 004

Price: $109,000—$125,000

The all-metal Parrot is the first LSA to offer a full-cantilever metal wing, a ‘glass’ shape in metal, a forward-hinged canopy, and plenty of payload. Flight tests on the new machine have exceeded expectations. The handling and control balance are great. The visibility is fantastic. The Parrot is smooth, quiet, and extremely comfortable.


Light Sport Aircraft List

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