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The Festival is a low-wing aircraft of all metal construction. Built by Aerostar S.A.,in Europe, the same company that makes the Yak 52 aerobatic/military trainer. The airplane is backed by a large, stable company and built using aircraft industry standard construction methods. The Festival is an ideal aircraft for flight schools.

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All metal but lightweight trainer  R40!

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The Festival, manufactured by SC Aerostar S.A. of Romania, (of YAK-52 fame) is a ready-to-fly, FAA certified, Special Light Sport Aircraft.  Festival was designed with one idea in mind:  To create an affordable airplane which is safe, simple, and easy to inspect, maintain and operate. Rick Pellicciotti of LightSportFlying.com managed one of the nation's largest flight schools and used that experience working with Aerostar to made sure that the Festival R40S would meet a flight school's needs and expectations.



Festival has been built and tested under the ASTM Consensus Standards for US Special Light Sport Aircraft.FAA certification as a Special Light Sport Aircraft was obtained on 22 July 2005. Click here to read the news!


For an aircraft to be a good trainer for the US market, it is necessary for the airplane to be comfortable and familiar to flight instructors and maintenance personnel. Operationally, the airplane should be "normal" with no unusual requirements or flight characteristics. Aerostar R40S has met these objectives well. The Aerostar Festival R40S is a conventional, all-metal construction, low wing, tricycle gear airplane with side-by-side seating.


Click for larger imageThe wing has an all-metal, three spar, cantilever construction, that provides maximum strength at a low weight with structural redundancy. It is also aerodynamically efficient since there is no drag-inducing exterior bracing. The NACA 4415 airfoil (same as used on the Aeronca Champ and other great aircraft) provides excellent flight characteristics throughout the range of speeds of the plane, contributing to excellent stability at low speeds. Flush riveting of the wing and night lighting is available as an option.


The cockpit is 44" wide, heated and ventilated. Structural roll-over protection is provided for the occupants. The seats are adjustable fore and aft, rapidly accommodating pilots of different sizes. Each seat has a 3 point seat belt.


The canopy tilts up and back, allowing easy access to the cockpit. The canopy can be left open for taxiing. The cockpit can be entered from both sides utilizing wing walk areas provided on the tops of the wings.


The controls are standard, stick type, with engine throttle controls activated thru synchronized bowden cables. An optional, left-side throttle is available for the pilot seat. Torque tubes control the flaps and ailerons, while steel cables control the rudder and elevator. Rudder controls also steer the nose wheel thru push-pull rods. Pitch trim is activated through an electrically controlled trim tab. All push-pull rods have spherical bearings at both ends to minimize friction and play. Brakes are toe operated (dual brakes are available as an option).

The panel has plenty of space for a full complement of instruments and avionics. Aerostar R40S can be equipped with night lighting and gyros allowing the aircraft to be used for Private Pilot instruction in addition to Sport Pilot instruction.


The landing gear is tricycle-type, with 5.00-5 tires. Matco hydraulic disc brakes are standard on the main gear. The steerable nose wheel employs rubber shock absorbers . The design of the nose gear enables the plane to efficiently absorb the runway shocks, making grass strips a specialty of the Festival.




The aircraft is conventional in everyway. Maintenance personnel will be comfortable with the aircraft's construction and systems. "AN and MS" standard hardware is used throughout the airplane (with the exception of the Rotax engine). All items subject to wear and tear such as tires, tubes, brakes and brake pads, and wheel bearings are standard items sourced from U.S. suppliers. Service items such as fuel filters, oil filters, and spark plugs are readily available from U.S. suppliers. All instruments and avionics are also U.S. sourced. Custom paint schemes and avionics packages are available.