January 2008: 

Wingsport moves operations from North Carolina to the North Phoenix area of Arizona and ceases all flight training and demo flights in the Charlotte/Salisbury area.

May 2007: 

Czech Aircraft Works manufacturer of the SportCruiser has delivered to WingSport Aviation Co. a new SportCruiser III, N773SC which is available for flight training and rentals.

May 2006:

· WingSport announces that a position has been purchased for the CZAW Mermaid, first metal amphibian SLSA. 

· N8778N the brand new StingSport has been completed and will be picked up in Little Rock, AR  the week of June 20 and delivered to KRUQ.

· Despite heroic efforts, we were not able to get the StingSport to the Lumberton, NC Mid-Atlantic Fly-In, but we did get the new SportCruiser.

· The SportCruiser was well received by all and a member of the media took a ride.  Watch for an article about us in the new “Charlotte Plane Talk” newsletter due out in July.

             **News Flash**  our StingSport has completed manufacturing, testing and has been shipped.  It is due in Little Rock, AR for final assembly and US registration in Mid May, 2006.

             WingSport  is happy to announce that we are now the Mid-Atlantic regional dealer for the Aerostar Festival R40, StingSport, CZAW SportCruiser, Mermaid and Parrot light sport airplanes for purchase, rental and flight training.

             WingSport is offering several associate dealerships to qualified and interested individuals.  See the link on the left for details of this innovative dealership program.

             In the metal category Sport Aircraft Works currently offers the SportCruiser and Parrot as elegant choices for both general use and trainer.  They also offer the Mermaid as the first S-LSA amphibian offering and the FAA issue with the retractable/repositionable landing gear has been worked out.

             Many new S-LSA aircraft will be offered in 2006, with some being very well suited for new pilot training.  WingSport  has been searching for the best combination of value and durability for a basic trainer to be offered to flight schools and individuals interested in lease back to schools.  We believe that the Aerostar Festival R40S will best fit this requirement and has place an order for delivery in late June or early July.

             WingSport  is interested in finding a leaseback partner to purchase a Aerostar R40S, Parrot or SportCruiser to use in our light sport flight academy.  If you are interested please contact Bill, Dan, Dale, or anyone at WSA.

Ready to fly in the modern carbon fiber StingSport!

WingSport Aviation selects StingSport for its’ first SLSA

Date: 12/31/05