The StingSport comes very well equipped with many features as standard equipment that would be found as options on other aircraft.  The StingSport is a dream to fly with great visibility, comfort and safety features like a GRS ballistic parachute system.  Compare standard equipment in the StingSport with “options” required on most other LSA aircraft to be equal and the price is not so different.

Aviation experts are saying that carbon fiber composite construction has many advantages.  Composite is not subject to stress fatigue as metal is and can be much easier to repair than metal.  Corrosion is not a problem for composites like metal and they are much lighter.  It is hard to make metal look as smooth and fluid in curves as that found in composite construction.

Maybe.  If the aircraft has all the equipment necessary for night or IFR conditions and the pilot is at least a private pilot with the proper endorsements, then yes night and even IFR flight is possible.  Individuals with only a Sport Pilot certificate are restricted to day VFR only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any certificated aircraft that are priced less than a new LSA will be much older and while the initial purchase price may be less, maintenance and operational cost will be a great deal more than a new light sport aircraft.  Besides the new LSA will offer more flying pleasure due to new instruments and  avionics.

Question 1: Why should I buy a LSA instead of a standard certificated aircraft?

Question 2: Can I fly a LSA at night or in IFR conditions?

Question 3: Are composites as good as metal for aircraft usage?

Question 4: Why buy a StingSport when there are many lower cost LSA options available?

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Economical yet sturdy and reliable aircraft make the best aircraft to train in.  Dual controls for student and instructor are a must.  The Aerostar Festival R40S is the most rugged and strongly built light sport in the market.  Check out the metal landing struts, Matco wheels and breaks, canopy roll bar and windshield frame reinforcement. 

Question 5: What makes a good light sport training aircraft?