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Czech Aircraft Works has built a sleek and well-engineered aircraft with an excellent price to performance ratio and great flying to boot. I consider it way above average in the metal S-LSA category. This plane will be a great trainer and an economical commuter airplane.

CZAW SportCruiser

 Fuselage and wings made of aircraft-aluminum with all AN hardware

 Useful load near 500 lbs

 Front hinged canopy allows easy access

 Canopy provides superior view

 Large storage area behind seats

 Tricycle undercarriage

 Dual toe brakes and US parts

 Twin-controls, ailerons and elevators via control stick


The SportCruiser is made in the Czech Republic by Czech Aircraft Works, imported by Sport Aircraft Works

The New Style Standard in metal Sport Planes!!

All metal SportCruiser with dual controls and 100 HP Rotax engine

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