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The StingSport aircraft received its certification as a special light-sport aircraft (S- LSA) on 24 May 2005. Manufactured in the Czech Republic by TL Ultralight, sro, the Sting is the fastest LSA in the market and even looks like it is breaking the rules parked on the ramp!

Constructed of carbon composite, the StingSport is produced at a new factory that TL Ultralight built for the US market. TL Ultralight began series production in 2000 and has delivered over 200 of the Sting aircraft worldwide.

S-LSA Rocket !!!!


Take off speed 45

Climb speed 75

Cruise speed with std 912UL 95-105

Cruise Speed with opt 912ULS 105-115

Approach speed 55

Touchdown speed at min weight 38

Maximum speed in horizontal flight 120

Never exceed speed Vne 164

Maximum speed in turbulence 118

Stall speed with no flaps 42

Stall speed, stage 2 flaps (30 degrees) 38

Maximum speed, stage 1 flaps (15 deg.) 75

Maximum speed, stage 2 flaps (30 deg.) 65


Take-Off 346 ft.

Take-Off - 50 ft. Obs. 721 ft.

Landing 368 ft.

Landing - 50 ft. Obs. 855 ft.

Rate of Climb 984 FPM

Range, no wind 450 NM

Range with Aux Wing Tanks 770 NM

Glide Ratio 16:1

StingSport offers features such as an internally mounted ballistic parachute aircraft recovery system, a no-corrosion, low-maintenance airframe and a one piece canopy, are standard with each plane. The canopy provides a 360 panoramic view and low noise levels to create a professional cockpit with both comfort and style. In addition, all controls and flight instruments have been ergonomically positioned to maximize ease of use. The wings can be removed in about 25 minutes for easy transport and storage. Additionally, the StingSport offers a 3-blade, ground-adjustable propeller as standard equipment.

All carbon fiber composite StingSport!

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