North American importer and distributor of TL-Ultralight StingSport Special Light Sport Aircraft.

Interesting BLOG regarding Light Sport

From the Aero-news network: 


“Well, I've been looking over the first year's light-sport aircraft and I have to say I'm impressed. Not only do we have rebirths of old classics like the Taylorcraft and the Cub, but there are all-new planes like the Flight Designs CT, the Sting Sport (below), and the Mermaid from Sport Aircraft Works.”

 … hit the link for more on this interesting observation.

Sport Aircraft Works
North American importer and distributor of Czech Aircraft Works (CZAW) aviation products including the SportCruiser, Parrot, Mermaid and metal floats.

BLOG covering Sport Planes and Sport Pilot ratings

From the  blog: 


“This seems to be the best sport oriented blog out there! ”

SportCruiser BLOG

WingSport is considering hosting a SportCruiser BLOG to support the many owners and SportCruiser enthusiast that is interested in the CZAW SportCruiser. We know that there are Yahoo Groups BLOGS and probably others, but being very knowledgeable in the SportCruiser and other SLSA aircraft will help make sure that the information provided will be accurate or at least labeled as conjecture and rumor.  Let us know your interest.

EAA Light Sport Aircraft

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has been a leader in pushing the LSA process through the governmental process.  This EAA website has all the latest information on the light sport category and links to most of the currently certified aircraft.

Related Links

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